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Our experience with timeshare ownership

Why did we buy?

There were a few things that factored in our decision to buy:

  1. Westgate Resorts is different from other large timeshare organizations where a point system is employed. When someone buys a timeshare week at Westgate, they're purchasing deeded property. Once owned, it is like any other piece of property that can be sold, transferred or inherited by children, etc. Plus, for me, it was a benefit that the mortgage interest was tax deductible, and so were the property taxes, which are included as part of the yearly maintenance fee.

  2. The majority of Westgate's properties are centered in the Orlando area near Walt Disney World, with another in very close proximity to Universal Orlando. Knowing that we were going to have children soon, trips to Orlando to visit those theme parks for many years was going to be a given. And, once we'd paid off the mortgage on the timeshare, our yearly fee for maintenance would be less than a week's stay at a hotel in the same area. Plus, a percentage of that maintenance fee is deductible on our federal income taxes. Thus, having a 'home base' that we could reliably go to year after year was definitely appealing.

  3. We liked Westgate Resorts properties. They were all well kept, and there was an abundance of staff to assist us. Furthermore, the layout of the villa that we'd purchased at Westgate Vacation Villas was very nice. It is a 2-bedroom, 2-bath unit with an additional fold-out couch in the den, so we could easily invite friends or family members to stay with us for free and not feel crowded in our own place. Plus, we like the amenities at our resort, which were an expanded version of what we saw at Blue Tree Resort.

  4. We have the option of renting out our timeshare week if we're not going to use it that year. We just negotiate whatever rate we desire and get paid ahead of time, then book the week for the 'renter' and let them stay in our timeshare similar to what my wife's uncle had done for us.

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