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Our experience with timeshare ownership

Why did we buy?

  1. Alternatively, we have the option of banking a week with Westgate and then using it within 2 years to extend a 1-week vacation to 2 or even 3 weeks, depending on how many weeks we have banked. Note that if you don't use a banked week within 2 years, you will forfeit it. Also, banking a week is free, but pulling that week out of the bank and using it will incur a fee.

  2. We also have the option of using our week at a different Westgate resort if we so choose. They have resorts outside of the Orlando area, and while they do charge a fee for transferring a week to another resort, the variety of locations makes the ownership of a timeshare more appealing to us.

  3. Through Interval international, we also have the ability to use our week outside of the Westgate resort system. Interval is not part of Westgate, but is partnered with them. The salesman informed us that our yearly maintenance fee includes a payment for a standard one-year subscription to Interval's service. A catalog was presented to us showing the hundreds of offerings at various resorts around the world.

  4. As owners, we are entitled to various things that non-owners would have to pay. To explain, all of Westgate's resorts will rent out rooms to non-owners in a manner exactly the same as a hotel. Some of the amenities are available at no cost to those renters, but others will require payment of a fee to use. However, as owners we are exempted from all of those fees. Furthermore, we are entitled to rate discounts at any Westgate Resort.

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